Welcome to Courage Media

Welcome to Courage Media, London video production agency

Courage Media is a London-based video production agency that specialises in the filming and creation of high quality video products across a broad spectrum.

We provide a full service from brief to duplication, including script writing, filming, editing and 3D motion graphics.

Our industry trained crew provide a wealth of both technical and creative industry knowledge to ensure your project is both cutting edge and eye catching.

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The stages of production

For more information on the stages of production, please visit our 'how does it work?' page.

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Latest news:

  • D-Link


    We have teamed up with global technology giant D-link to create a collection of setup videos, datasheet videos and 360 product photography for all of their new products.

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  • UCA


    Following the successful creation of over 15 videos in the last year, UCA commissioned a montage video to showcase their industry link and student work at their Open Days.

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  • BT


    Courage Media were recently commissioned to create a montage of talking heads at this years TradeTech expo at Excel London.

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  • AOL


    Commissioned Courage Media to work with some of it's US partners including interviews with BBC Executives, bestselling selling authors and CMO Marketing Council.

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  • Procter and Gamble

    Procter and Gamble

    As part of a partnership with P&G and Company magazine publisher Hearst we provided crew to produce a number of high-end glamour films giving magazine readers tips from some of the UK's best stylists and makeup artists.

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  • NHS


    Courage Media were commissioned to stream a live event from Imperial College to increase the worldwide reach of the event.

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  • Tesco


    We were commissioned to create a training video to promote a head office initiative across 923 UK stores.

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  • British Airways

    British Airways

    Working with Ogilvy & Mather, Courage Media was tasked to produce a collection of interviews for web introducing how BA's plans to implement innovation with technology.

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  • easyGroup


    To compliment easyHotel's new website, Courage Media produced a fresh and minimal style web advert, presenting the groups new approach to city centre accommodation.

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  • The Crown Prosecution Service


    As part of our on going work with The Crown Prosecution Service Courage Media film the breaking news about the Changing situation with assisted Suicide.

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  • Asus


    Computer giant Asus commissioned us to take their current video footage to another level through editing and animation.

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  • Coverity


    Over the past couple of years we have worked with Coverity across the globe on various client profile films with some of the world's biggest companies from CERN to SAP.

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Video, Web, Corporate & Internet Video Production Companies London

Corporate Video Production Company

corporate video production companyWith the emerging growth of bandwidth and social media on the internet there has been an increase in the demand for corporate video production companies throughout the world. The UK has been no exception and when companies here look for corporate video production, London is the natural place to begin a search. A London based production agency is typically preferred over others for its access to actors, technology, and a centralised location. Many scripts call for filming in or around familiar landmarks and Londonís historical venues are often the perfect settings for a film of any sort.

It does take more than good locations to make a professional and high quality production, however. A film is only as good as its script and there is no amount of technology or clever graphics that will compensate for a poorly constructed message or storyline. This is one area that many production companies will fall short on as their entire focus is on the video technology with little thought given to the spoken content. For this reason, it is always good to ask for references before signing a contract.

Web Video Production in London

web video production in LondonThere are literally scores of website video production companies in the UK that are capable of writing, filming and producing corporate videos. Courage Media takes pride in their reputation as one of the premier organizations doing internet video production today. We are a London based production agency with a long tradition of excellence in the production, replication and distribution of corporate level video products.

An experienced staff including writers who can take the time to understand the customerís business and channel that understanding into a readymade script is one of the keys to look for when seeking out a production company. In almost no other sourcing activity is it so important to get references and to take the time to check them out. In the business of corporate video production there is no substitute for past works that can stand the test of customer satisfaction and confidence. Technical abilities in editing and filming will not be things that the layman will be able to evaluate effectively and it is important to select the best organization based on end products completed for other clients.

London Video Production

online video production servicesMany companies advertise their products to include online video production services as part of a larger menu of things they do for business to business marketing. Many groups that describe themselves as promotional video production companies are involved in a large and diverse set of marketing and business to business communication activities. Courage Media is totally focussed on providing the best and most professional video production services in the world. All of our employees are chosen for their experience and background in video productions and we pride ourselves in providing the very finest video production products and services available in the industry.

Some of our satisfied customers are the London Philharmonic, Tate Britain, and The South Centre Bank. Besides superior filming and editing capabilities we are equipped with the ability to do 3D motion graphics along with duplication and distribution of our product to your target audience. Our services start with a deep understanding of your business and are followed through with a well-defined and engaging message delivered seamlessly to your internal or external audiences. Our goal is excellence and nothing less.

Business Video Production

training video production in the UKTraining video production in the UK is part of a growing industry that includes not only training videos, but health & safety productions as well. Almost every video production company in London offers services that include not only training films but internal communications such as a company update from the CEO to employees around the world. Many of these same companies produce recordings of events such as concerts or exhibitions to be used in future marketing or sales events. Not only does Courage Media support all of these different video communication tools be we are always interested in exploring new corporate and institutional applications for video productions. Many colleges and schools use video communication to reach out to new students about the ins and outs of their first experience in a college or dormitory environment.

New graphics capabilities are evolving all the time and we offer our clients the most advanced video technology, including High Definition (HD) on all of our products. We are comfortable filming in studio as well as onsite situations and you will find our technical staff flexible and eager to accommodate.

Quality, Reliability and Value

"Working with Courage Media has been a delight. The team are a highly creative and skilled group with seemingly boundless patience. They won the pitch on the basis of carefully thought-through ideas, and because of Lloyd's calm and easy-going manner, and the experience of working with Courage Media certainly bore out our good impressions. We are thrilled with the finished tutorials they produced for Findmypast.co.uk and I will have no hesitation in picking up the phone to Lloyd for our next project. I've already recommended Courage to Scotland's People, our sister site, and would only not recommend them to others as it might mean they are too busy to do more for us!"

Vivienne Arkley, Marketing Manager, Findmypast