Finastra Universe - Virtual event


The Brief:

Courage Media have been producing content and managing live on site production for Finastra Universe since its inception back in 2014. Since then we have provided crews for all event in Dubai, London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Singapore. This year was different! Finastra asked us to support them in creating a fully virtual event brining together more than 100 virtual sessions to stream. Capturing content from across the globe from thousands of contributors streamlining quality and brand consistency.

The Solution:

All executive keynotes captured in TV studios across the world using the same spec LED wall with custom Finastra Universe graphics under the direction of our global crewing network Courage Connect. Including staging, lighting, audio and project management. All line of business session were captured remotely using zoom and edited by our expert team in London.

What was delivered?

Over 50 hours of high quality content on demand for 1 month and 2 live days for 4 different global regions to tune in to. The result is fantastic library of content which has converted hundreds of leads for Finastra’s 2021 sales pipeline.

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