Girls Day School Trust


The Brief:

GDST approach us to produce a video that would resonate with both Alumni and the wider public to raise fund for their Bursary Fund which makes it possible for the brightest students from all backgrounds the chance to attend GDST.

The Solution:

Our solution uses simple animated chalk drawings on a blackboard to walk the audience through Bethan’s journey from school days into the present day. Demonstrating the benefits of a GDST education and where it can get you. Using Bethan’s voice to narrate the journey¬†gives the audience believability encouraging an association with the donors own experience at GDST. We wanted to go one step further and reveal Bethan in her work environment to urge the audience to donate to the campaign.

What was delivered?

  • Consultancy
  • 4k production¬†crew
  • Audio recording
  • Hand drawn animation
  • Art direction

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