The Brief:

Building on our work with Baracca and Fassoldi and The Wild Geese we wanted to create a contrasting summer drinks ad that reflected the Bottlegreen brand and also left the viewer thirsty to taste the crisp plum and apple cordial.

The Solution:

We came up with a great location shoot in Kent making use of the seasons ripe plums and apples. Set in an orchard, we wanted the film to reflect the simplicity and pure fruit product from tree to glass. Using a wide aerial view gives the scale and context of the orchard before we get in to the closer shots of the process from picking to press. The video uses minimal lighting to re-create the early morning sunrise as well as subtle haze to give ambiance to the hills behind.

What was delivered?

  • Location scout and management
  • Set design
  • 4k video
  • Lighting
  • Edit
  • colour grade

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