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The promotion of a product or service in video format allows for extensive, cost effective distribution. Video allows you to engage your audience and develop your brand identity across multiple platforms.

We use the latest technology to inspire interaction. Video content within 360 augmented reality is our latest way to immerse your customer in to the future.

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Leveraging our international crews give clients a local touch with a global reach saving you money but giving piece of mind that your project will be seamlessly handled wherever it is in the world.

Our clients use our network to ensure consistency across global projects rather than using lots of individual crews who use different equipment and have different approaches.

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We oversee your video production from beginning to end, including the creation of a strategy to get your video the maximum exposure. We believe a distribution strategy is key to all successful video campaigns.

Our aim is to maximise your production budget, advise on a promotion platforms and increase output.

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Video isn’t a one off marketing tool anymore, it’s a vital part of the marketing mix. With this in mind our clients build content with us over time creating media libraries and data centres that can be called upon at any time making product easier with time but also more cost effective.

Managing 4k video content is a challenge for the worlds biggest companies. By partnering with Courage Media, you gain immediate access to talent around the world, so you can count on high quality video in any geographic region.

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